Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well here I am with my first Rusty Rose blog.  I’ve always loved to read blogs and especially my friends but always thought “that is not for me, no one cares what I have to say or my opinions”.  In an attempt to stay cool, keep my store in the ever growing social media eye and to blab to anyone who wants to listen……The Rusty Rose blog has begun.  I hope to bring you fashion trends and tips, laughter, excitement from the road shows I do and share a little bit of my crazy life with you.  I must warn you I tend to get in a hurry, run out of time and always add too much to my plate.  So if I forget to spell check one day or use too many exclamation points due to my excitement……please bare with me.  That being said it’s a perfect time for me to start blogging.  Spring styles are coming into the store, I’m hitting the road with my “Little Red Rig” for shows and spring is my favorite time of the year….except for the dang wind in West Texas, I may never get use to it!

A few weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas for Magic Market.  It was my first time to attend this particular market and wowza was there a lot to see!  I felt like I came home with firmer legs after all of the walking.  Unfortunately my legs aren’t any firmer but I can dream.  On a serious note it was a huge success.  I found lots of new clothing lines, got to visit with some of my favorite reps AND ordered a whole bunch of shoes!  I’ve been obsessed with shoes sense I was a little tike!  I would like to welcome these bad boys to The Rusty Rose.  Short top boots will arrive for summer; tall top boots will hit the store Fall 2012!

I love the trends for this spring and summer, neon colors, color blocking, floral prints, lace, different prints…it’s all so edgy, bright and happy!   Now you don’t have to panic and think OMG the 80’s have returned, just take one of these colors or prints and incorporate into your wardrobe.  Pair a neon colored clutch with jeans and tee for a casual yet modern take or a color blocked dress with some nude pumps.  The main thing is to be confident and own the look you put together.

Don’t wait for the trends, SET THE TREND!