Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Support Small Businesses~Shop Local

While many of our fans and customers are not local we still feel that this is a message worth sharing!

Our community recently had some less than desirable news with the announcement that the Cargill Plant would be closing, which in turn led to the loss of approximately 2,200 jobs.  Instead a focusing on the negative the city of Plainview has really banned together.  There have been job fairs and tons of outpouring via social media and other venues.

I can’t stress enough how shopping local directly affects your economy.  With Plainview being centrally located between Lubbock and Amarillo it can be a battle at times to keep customers here local.  If you need remolding done on your home, use a local contractor who is going to buy material from local stores.  Have your date nights in our restaurants and visit our movie theater.  Buy your vehicles, your gas and groceries here.  Use the local doctors and medical staff who will know your name and have a vested interest in your health and your family.  Shop the stores that Plainview has to offer, where the staff knows you personally. I can think of numerous stores who will deliver items to their customers’ homes….does Target offer that?

I’m not a native of Plainview but I too grew up in a small town and enjoy the perks it has to offer.  I start off most mornings taking online orders to Chuck at PackMail.  I love picking up my dry cleaning at Vicks and chatting with Inez.    I enjoy my makeup I purchase from Laura and Stephanie at Cowgirl Cottage and Radiant Lilly.  I love eating at our restaurants were there servers know your name.  Our community is blessed with wonderful businesses and people. There are too many to even list.   

Just imagine if all of us stayed here one Saturday a month the amount of money that would stay in our town.  Spending local directly affects all of us!  I challenge all of you no matter where you are to shop with your small businesses and support the little guys!  It keeps jobs and our communities going strong.