Sunday, September 8, 2013

At the first of the year one of my goals was to get in touch with my creative side and focus on creating custom things for the store again.  After spending Christmas in Santa Fe I was immediately inspired and we got to work on new jewelry and serape scarves.


Designing our own items is a way for us to stand out and separate us from other store fronts.  I want our customers to feel that they can purchase items from us that not every other store in town carries or hasn’t popped up in their newsfeed on Facebook 100 times. 

Missy and I both started stringing necklaces many years ago and it just made sense to shift the focus back on how we got started.  After teaming up this past winter we hit the ground running and haven’t looked back.


It’s such a joy to work with someone who shares your same vision and drive!  Two really are better than one when it comes to us and our Dos Hermanas line.

We designed our first t-shirts this spring together.  It was a simple yet fun tee with a graphic that started out from a pencil drawing by us.  A TRUE fitting t-shirt at a great price was our goal!

A highlight for us was fabric shopping in Santa Fe this summer, so many fun patterns, vibrant colors and quality textiles.  Some of it has already been sewn into things and some will be showing up later this fall.
Our caps have sold like crazy!  And Missy’s signature trucker caps will be back in stock next week, in Leopard and Camo!


As I sit here typing we just got the finalized picture of our newest shirt design that will hit the store floor the middle of this month.


We’ve got so many things coming this fall you will love and I can’t wait to share with you! 

I also have to add that we both are blessed to have multiple family members’ that help in the journey of creating, researching and designing with us!  We couldn’t do it without all of their love and support!

Don’t wait for the trends, set the trends!  Xoxo Andrea

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The summer has flown by and I’ve done a horrible job keeping up with the blog.  So here is a quick recap.
It’s safe to say I’ve been a gypsy, living out of a suite case for the last few months.  I truly love doing shows and seeing friends, customers and meeting new people along the way.
We kicked off the summer with Petticoats On The Prairie in Ballinger Texas.
We were blessed with another great year in Abilene for the Western Heritage Classic.  I fight the Rain (which is a blessing) but I just love being outside with my booth! 

June brought a fun Trunk Show with Redford Ranch Style in the boutique! 
The past four years we have spent our Fourth of July in Canyon, Texas!  I just love the community and customers!
AND in July Missy and I headed to Santa Fe for a Trunk Show at The Michael Hennington Art Gallery!  I will have to write a whole separate blog just on that.  It was AMAZING!!!!
Just a few weeks ago we were in Wichita Falls for the Texas Ranch Roundup and I think I'm still playing catch up ;)

We still have more shows coming up and the holidays are just around the corner.  Were busy preparing the boutique and anxiously awaiting all of our new arrivals.  Exciting things are happening and I can’t wait to share with all of you!

Don't wait for the trends, set the trends!  xoxo Andrea

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dos Hermanas-Two Sisters

At the beginning of this year I announced that we would be focusing on bringing you more custom items and tapping into our creative side and going back to how The Rusty Rose started.  I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with my dear friend Missy Redford of Redford Ranch Style.

Together we have created Dos Hermanas.  Recognizing the need for styling tips and advice, we will be offering online and in home styling services as well as bringing you some carefully selected items for sale. 

With similar style in fashion & interior design these two girls have teamed up ~ combining their diverse love & passion for anything unique & helping others in this world of chaos to better serve their customers need for styling & designing advise.   "If you can dream it ~ You can achieve it."

Inspired by the vibrant colors of Santa Fe, throw in a splash of Texas pride & their True Blue Western Heritage, Junk, FuN & a Spirited Collection of hand-picked goods, all coming together to reach down in your soul to bring out the inner you that defines your style and space.

We are so excited to better serve our customers and bring you a fresh and fun take on style and life!  Our first video will be posted this week and we have some fun apparel headed your way soon!

Ecclesiastes 4:9  "Two are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed", is what drives & inspires these two sister friends to achieve more.      

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Support Small Businesses~Shop Local

While many of our fans and customers are not local we still feel that this is a message worth sharing!

Our community recently had some less than desirable news with the announcement that the Cargill Plant would be closing, which in turn led to the loss of approximately 2,200 jobs.  Instead a focusing on the negative the city of Plainview has really banned together.  There have been job fairs and tons of outpouring via social media and other venues.

I can’t stress enough how shopping local directly affects your economy.  With Plainview being centrally located between Lubbock and Amarillo it can be a battle at times to keep customers here local.  If you need remolding done on your home, use a local contractor who is going to buy material from local stores.  Have your date nights in our restaurants and visit our movie theater.  Buy your vehicles, your gas and groceries here.  Use the local doctors and medical staff who will know your name and have a vested interest in your health and your family.  Shop the stores that Plainview has to offer, where the staff knows you personally. I can think of numerous stores who will deliver items to their customers’ homes….does Target offer that?

I’m not a native of Plainview but I too grew up in a small town and enjoy the perks it has to offer.  I start off most mornings taking online orders to Chuck at PackMail.  I love picking up my dry cleaning at Vicks and chatting with Inez.    I enjoy my makeup I purchase from Laura and Stephanie at Cowgirl Cottage and Radiant Lilly.  I love eating at our restaurants were there servers know your name.  Our community is blessed with wonderful businesses and people. There are too many to even list.   

Just imagine if all of us stayed here one Saturday a month the amount of money that would stay in our town.  Spending local directly affects all of us!  I challenge all of you no matter where you are to shop with your small businesses and support the little guys!  It keeps jobs and our communities going strong.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Market With My Girls

I spent the last two weekends in Dallas for Gift and Apparel Markets.  Lots of fun new things will be arriving in the boutique.  We picked up a fabulous candle line for the store along with tons of clothing and accessories.  Lots of fun prints, mint, coral and neon will be seen this spring.

To top it off I got to spend time with some dear friends and it really made me thankful for the people I have in my life. 


In this industry you have to be innovative and willing to work hard if you want to stay on top and be the leader of the pack.  I admire these women so much for the businesses they run and that they are the type of girlfriends who build you up and not tear you down.  We respect one another and trust each other.  We had a blast buying merchandise together, sharing ideas and being plain silly at times.  We worked so hard that Missy even had to stop and get a massage.


So with that being said I want to give a shout out to these chicas and their stores.

Angie Newcomb at the Pink Zebra, Missy Redford with Redford Ranch Style, Kellie Kell Young with Honkytonk Angel and Shawna Lamb at the Vintage Pearl.  Find them on Facebook and check out all of their sassy goods!
Don't wait for the trends, set the trends!  XOXO Andrea

Friday, January 11, 2013

It’s that time of year again when most people look back and think, “Where in the heck did the past year go?” And I swear as we get older, time seems to go by faster & faster.  But to say we were blessed in 2012 would be an understatement. So here’s a little recap of the highlights from 2012.


·         Continued to see growth in our business.

·         Met a lot of new people and made wonderful memories.

·         Coordinated Spring Fashion Show

·         Decorations Committee Chair for the Cotton Barons Ball

·         Celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our storefront.

·         Designed our first & very own Rusty Rose blouses that were a huge hit!

·         Reached our goal of 5,000 fans on Facebook.

·         Andrea was asked to be the model for a photo shoot in Marfa, Texas. (Why wouldn’t she?! Girls got style!)

·         Between shows, markets, and running the store, Andrea & her Ranch Rodeo team made it to the RCRA finals.

·         Survived the dreaded Mayan apocalypse scare….that’s right… we’ve got mad survival skills over here in West Texas. J

WHEW! Now that I think about it, how in the heck did we fit all of that into one year?

So with an amazing 2012 behind us, now it’s time look forward & set our goals for 2013.  We of course want to continue growing and meeting new fans both online and through our store front.  Were excited about new custom designs were working on and expanding The Rusty Rose Brand.  Can’t wait to see what 2013 holds!