Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Market With My Girls

I spent the last two weekends in Dallas for Gift and Apparel Markets.  Lots of fun new things will be arriving in the boutique.  We picked up a fabulous candle line for the store along with tons of clothing and accessories.  Lots of fun prints, mint, coral and neon will be seen this spring.

To top it off I got to spend time with some dear friends and it really made me thankful for the people I have in my life. 


In this industry you have to be innovative and willing to work hard if you want to stay on top and be the leader of the pack.  I admire these women so much for the businesses they run and that they are the type of girlfriends who build you up and not tear you down.  We respect one another and trust each other.  We had a blast buying merchandise together, sharing ideas and being plain silly at times.  We worked so hard that Missy even had to stop and get a massage.


So with that being said I want to give a shout out to these chicas and their stores.

Angie Newcomb at the Pink Zebra, Missy Redford with Redford Ranch Style, Kellie Kell Young with Honkytonk Angel and Shawna Lamb at the Vintage Pearl.  Find them on Facebook and check out all of their sassy goods!
Don't wait for the trends, set the trends!  XOXO Andrea

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