Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A God Thing

A God Thing

Two years ago I was encouraged to be a vendor at Petticoats on the Prairie.  By doing that show I’ve met some amazing people and had tons of opportunities. 
A little over a month ago I was going over my calendar and realized I scheduled two shows on the same weekend.  I called up Ceciila (one of the event coordinators) to tell her I wasn’t going to be able to attend Petticoats this fall.  She informed me she was just about to call me.  Lara Blair a photographer out of Washington was coming to Texas and wanted to do a shoot in Marfa.  They needed a model with access to clothes and they wanted me to come.  I’m going to call myself a photo prop because I’m NOT a model.  None the less I said YES!

I met Lara and Cecilia in Lubbock and we drove to outside of Fort Stockton, where we stayed on a couple’s ranch.   We enjoyed a few glasses of wine, checked out all of the old homes on the property and took some pictures.   I even got to see my first real life javelina.  We headed out that morning to Marfa…..almost ran out of gas but made it. 

The town is unlike any place I’ve ever been to and I’ve been all over.  This tiny little ranch town was filled with art studios and inhabited by people from all over the country.  We ate lunch at a food truck where we met art enthusiast from New York and a photographer from Scotland.  We toured around a very eclectic trailer park, met some band from LA and even managed to take some pictures on a motorcycle with guys passing through.  The whole experience was wonderful!

But this is really what I got out of it.  It was a “God Thing” that I got to go on that little adventure.  Lara is this amazing woman and photographer who taught me so much in that short time and Cecila is a wonderfully accomplished Interior designer.  Both of them have been published and accomplished huge things with in their careers.  There knowledge and wisdom on business and life is amazing.

I’ve never felt more confident of Gods plans for me as I was driving home from our little trip.  These two ladies made me realize how many wonderful opportunities I’ve been given.  I’ve been blessed to meet tons of people from all over and to do more at my age than many people ever get to.  I was encouraged to keep growing The Rusty Rose, even on those tough days, to stay busy and travel and be involved.   While many girls are pursuing other paths, this is right where I’m supposed to be! 

That being said we have exciting things from The Rusty Rose heading you way soon!

Check out Lara Blair at her blog modernprairiegirl.com

Monday, October 8, 2012


So most everyone I know is Pinterest obsessed!  If you don’t have pinterest you aren’t wasting near as much time as the rest of us and if you haven’t heard of it, well I honestly feel bad for you.  It’s easy for me to stare at pins of recipes smothered in cheese, DIY projects, and of course FASHION! 

I really think pinterest has helped women become more confident in there fashion choices.  I have noticed a lot more girls coming in looking for a certain item they had pinned or wanting a exact look.  It’s also a great outlet to see what’s trending and in the upcoming fashion forecast.

Pinterest has even helped me dig clothes out of the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in a few years and revamp into a new look.  It also helps sell things for us.  We can have something in the store that somebody might not pay attention too but once seen on pinterest it’s gone in heartbeat.  From a business stand point its great and I love to see confident women and happy customers.
So happy pinning dolls and make sure and check out our board, The Rusty Rose!