Sunday, September 8, 2013

At the first of the year one of my goals was to get in touch with my creative side and focus on creating custom things for the store again.  After spending Christmas in Santa Fe I was immediately inspired and we got to work on new jewelry and serape scarves.


Designing our own items is a way for us to stand out and separate us from other store fronts.  I want our customers to feel that they can purchase items from us that not every other store in town carries or hasn’t popped up in their newsfeed on Facebook 100 times. 

Missy and I both started stringing necklaces many years ago and it just made sense to shift the focus back on how we got started.  After teaming up this past winter we hit the ground running and haven’t looked back.


It’s such a joy to work with someone who shares your same vision and drive!  Two really are better than one when it comes to us and our Dos Hermanas line.

We designed our first t-shirts this spring together.  It was a simple yet fun tee with a graphic that started out from a pencil drawing by us.  A TRUE fitting t-shirt at a great price was our goal!

A highlight for us was fabric shopping in Santa Fe this summer, so many fun patterns, vibrant colors and quality textiles.  Some of it has already been sewn into things and some will be showing up later this fall.
Our caps have sold like crazy!  And Missy’s signature trucker caps will be back in stock next week, in Leopard and Camo!


As I sit here typing we just got the finalized picture of our newest shirt design that will hit the store floor the middle of this month.


We’ve got so many things coming this fall you will love and I can’t wait to share with you! 

I also have to add that we both are blessed to have multiple family members’ that help in the journey of creating, researching and designing with us!  We couldn’t do it without all of their love and support!

Don’t wait for the trends, set the trends!  Xoxo Andrea

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